Telecommunication Pole Attachments

UniSource Energy 服务 has a dedicated team for processing pole attachment requests. 365买球app的 Pole Attachment Guidelines and streamlined application process provide for non-discriminatory, transparent access to UniSource's electric distribution system.

The Telecommunication Pole Attachment Team is responsible for:

  • 登记
  • 应用程序
  • 调查
  • 检查
  • 执行
  • Transfer 通知
  • 支持 & 教育

应用程序 & 通知

Pole Attachment Process

UniSource has provided the requirements, specifications and 标准s for pole attachment requests in its Pole Attachment Guidelines. Below is a high-level summary of the 标准 pole attachment process. Please refer to the Pole Attachment Guidelines for all requirements.

Below is a high-level view of the 标准 pole attachment process.


UniSource Energy 服务: Pole Attachment Guidelines

Pole Attachment Guidelines

UniSource has established technical specifications that apply to any Attachment request. This document will guide you through the pole attachment requirements, specifications and 标准s.
UniSource Energy 服务: UniSource Approved Contractors for Pole Attachments

UniSource Approved Contractors for Pole Attachments

This list is related to Pole Attachment work only and is not inclusive of all contractors approved for work by UniSource.